Seoul Essentials: Five Things To Do In Seoul, Korea (

(This piece was published in last March 30, 2012)

I confess, I am child to a mother who is riding the hallyu—otherwise known as the Korean wave. It has become the norm for me to hear and see Korean shows on television whenever she is glued to it. I have even become familiar with some Korean words from too much exposure. Annyeonghaseyo!

I knew it was just a matter of time for her to express her interest in visiting the country that she has only seen in the small screen. It finally happened when we were able to get a good travel deal to Incheon, which is the gateway to Seoul.

We stayed there for four whole days and I discovered that it still wasn’t enough to really see the place and experience the people’s culture. But if you are traveling there on a limited time, I would suggest you do the following.

Taste authentic Korean cuisine

From street food to fine dining, there are a variety of places where you can sample true Korean food. My mom and I especially enjoyed trying the local fare being peddled by street vendors. We were enticed by the delicious aroma of the food and were also impressed by the many locals who went in line for it.

It was also nice to eat in a restaurant where it’s warm inside and you get to relax while enjoying your meal. The best thing about having a sit-down meal is that they serve complimentary appetizers with your order. Of course, thekimchi is a staple there so expect to sample different kinds in various restaurants. While there, I tasted the local bibimbapmandu (their version of a dumpling), and other dishes that made my mouth burn. Nearly everything was hot and spicy but I still enjoyed my eating experience there.

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