The Raw Truth (

(This was published in the Healthdesk section of last February 28, 2012)

South Beach. Atkins. Cohen. These are just a few of the most famous diet programs that have been all the rage among the health-conscious lot, some of which have become only a fad to some. The raw food lifestyle, however, is not just another diet craze. It is more of a lifestyle change where a person shifts from eating the usual cooked food to purely raw cuisine.

But why go raw?

The beauty of raw food is that it has live enzymes and all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and phytonutrients are in their natural state. Raw food advocates have enhanced vitality since they are able to take in 100 per cent of all those goodness, compared to cooked food which only has 20 per cent.

According to certified raw food chef and health coach Mona Lisa Neuboeck, “The raw food lifestyle is the simplest, healthiest, most satisfying way to detoxify the body and obtain/maintain a slim figure, great skin quality, and with the bonus of being the most environmentally friendly way of eating.”

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