A spring menu and rooms with a view at Qiwellness Living (GMA News Online)

Cocktails with a view. Cheers to that!

(This was featured in GMA News Online last June 1, 2015)

From afar, the big crimson front door seemed like part of a private residence. It wasn’t until I saw the sign saying Qiwellness Living (qi is pronounced “chee”) that my interest was piqued by this discreet Tagaytay destination.

Once inside, a picturesque view of Taal Lake and Volcano welcomed me and my dinner mates. It was a bit foggy when we arrived late in the afternoon, but I could still see the faint silhouette of the famous peak.

I turned to my immediate surroundings—modest interiors with Chinese-inspired furnishings and décor. The entrance is on the third level where we somehow got a closer view of the volcano, compared to the perspective from the lower level.

The dining area with its 18-seater table and chairs with two-meter-high backs was the first thing I noticed when I entered the establishment. We were told that it was inspired by the Ming Dynasty, when the Chinese would wear heavy fur coats and hang them on the back of the chairs.

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