Pastry + Cocktail = The Perfect Paire (

(This feature was published in last December 28, 2011)

It’s the season to go out and celebrate, and there is no better time to indulge to your heart’s content than this holiday season. I am so pleased to share my most recent discovery, which is the only restaurant in the metro that highlights pastry and cocktail pairings. Yes, there is such a thing. Just head toPaire and see for yourself.

I found out that young entrepreneurs—and sisters—Kat and Abby Nantes, who are both twentysomething, were the ones who established and opened Paire just last November. Kat has a mobile bar business so she takes care of the drinks, while Abby manages the kitchen as she took up culinary arts and learned more about making pastries through self-study.

As I stepped inside the restaurant, my eyes immediately went to the colorful chairs that especially stood out amidst the white walls and tables. “We would like to emphasize the colors of the food and the cocktails,” Kat explains why they chose plain white as the dominant color. The orders of the diners would easily stand out from the white tables that serve as blank canvases for the pastry and cocktail masterpieces.

I thought that the place was very simple and elegant, yet there was some sort of playful vibe to it because of the mismatched and multi-colored chairs. The bar and kitchen areas were open, and I was able to see the chef prepare our lunch feast.

Pairings for every palate

Paire is the ideal spot for those who crave for pastries, cocktails, or even both. Their menu is a no-brainer as it features different kinds of pairings that range from sweet to savory, although I spied more sweet treats there. One of the bestsellers is called Class A (P300), which includes an almond slice with whipped cream and topped with a piece of peanut brittle, and then complemented with an amaretto sour cocktail. The dessert was delicious enough on its own, but the cocktail counteracted its sweetness and I thought that the flavors were such a good contrast. It made me more excited to taste the other pairings.

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