MIO GELATI: Pioneering Gelato Dessert Truck in Manila (OAP)

Mio gelati

(This feature was published in OurAwesomePlanet.com last September 17, 2013)

At 23 years of age, Celina Nolasco was able to create her own food business.

It was in 2011 when she thought of putting up an ice cream business since the Philippines is a tropical country and this cool treat would be appreciated all-year round. She ended up with a gelato stand, but because of difficulties with logistics, her father suggested that she make her business mobile and go for a food truck.

It became easier for her then to travel from Quezon City to the Midnight Mercato weekend market where she launched her food truck, Mio Gelati, in April 2011.

She named it such because “mio gelati” translates to “my gelato”, a business in which Celina practically did everything—from experimenting with flavors, mixing them, and tasting all of it. Her experience in the culinary industry helped her with this business.

A graduate of Culinary Arts from the College of St. Benilde, Celina worked in one of the five-star hotels in the metro for about a year before deciding to build her own business. She is now full-time with Mio Gelati and is continually crafting new concoctions for gelato fans.

Her food truck has 18 flavors on display every weekend but she has around 50 flavors in her repertoire, which she rotates from time to time. There are mainstays though such as Ferrero, pistachio, blueberry cheesecake, mango cream pie, and cookie butter, which is one of her latest creations. My favorite among these bestsellers is Ferrero, simply because I’m a chocoholic. I love its milky chocolate-y taste and the crunchy texture from the actual chocolate. The pistachio comes a close second with its rich, nutty flavor and crunchy pistachio bits.

Celina gets inspiration from current trends and classic flavors. She believes Mio Gelati stands out because of the quality and taste. “[It is] homemade. We make it in small batches. We don’t stock a lot so the flavor stays fresh.”

One scoop of the regular flavor only costs P80 and two scoops will give you more value for your money at P150. The premium flavor is priced at P100 per scoop and P180 for two scoops.

Adults may indulge in more exciting flavors such as Bailey’s, Tequila Rose, and beer. But for those who are craving for something not on the menu, Mio Gelati accepts requests for customized gelato. It is even open to catering to private parties.

Maybe I’ll request for cronut-flavored gelato next time.