Sweet Discoveries at The Cake Planet and Café (ClicktheCity.com)

(This feature was published in ClicktheCity.com last November 30, 2012)

My philosophy on desserts is simple—the sweeter the better. After all, what’s the point of eating something sweet when you won’t go all the way?

One such place where I could satisfy my sweet cravings is The Cake Planet and Café located south of the metro. The name itself is a dead giveaway on the café’s specialties, which is why I only go there for one thing—the cakes.

Sweet surrender

The first time I’ve heard of The Cake Planet was when my sister brought a box of Turtle Pie (P120 slice; P1,100 whole) during a family occasion. All I can remember was that it was a very rich and decadent dessert. It was a blur of chocolate and caramel, and oh, some sprinkling of nuts in the filling. A small slice was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, but the pie left such a good impression on me that I decided to visit the café myself.

Fortunately, it was just located near our house. In fact, around five minutes away by car. I couldn’t believe that it was practically right under my nose!

The Cake Planet is a simple café that has limited seating capacity and I would say that the best seat in the house is near the display case with all the cakes. Diners may order per slice, whole cakes, or even half-size. For whole orders, it would be best to call at least two days in advance.

The wide selection of baked goodies may make choosing difficult for diners, especially first-timers, so just ask the guy behind the counter for recommendations.

For chocoholics like me, the Super Moist Chocolate Cake (P120 slice; P980 whole) is a must-try. The texture is perfectly moist and the taste is up there as well. It is a dessert that chocolate lovers would truly appreciate. (This particular chocolate cake has a variation that has yema icing instead of plain chocolate and I thought I would try it another day.)

Another notable choco-flavored cake is the Chocolate Macadamia Sans Rival (P150 slice; P1,400 whole) for those with a more sophisticated taste. The chocolate and the buttery nut complement each other well in this oh-so sinful treat. While I was there, I spied two kids enjoying this sans rival and the chocolate cake while they were playing with their gadgets. Incidentally, the café offers free Wi-Fi to its guests.

There is also the Pistachio Sans Rival (P150 slice; P1,300 whole) that is both pleasant to the eye and palate. Imagine four layers of meringue sandwiched with butter cream and then topped with crushed pistachios… The contrast of the crunchy meringue and smooth cream would surely make anyone forget about their diet.

There were other nice cakes on display like Red Velvet and Oreo Cheesecake, but for me, the pièce de résistance would be the Mango Empress (P150 slice; P1,350 whole), which features the classic combination of mangoes and cream. What makes this particular one stand out is that the cake is infused with caramel flavors that make each bite a luscious one. The cake was served right out of the freezer so the mango toppings were still cool, a good contrast to the creamy and sticky cake. It was heaven on a plate and I ate every morsel of it.

Aside from cakes and pastries, the café also serves some pasta dishes likeCreamy Pesto, Puttanesca, and Carbonara. But I would suggest you go there for the cakes and maybe even some coffee, as The Cake Planet serves good Lavazza beverages.

Next time though, I would bring a couple of friends with me so we can taste from each other’s orders and hopefully won’t suffer a sugar high.