Sustainable eats available at Makati’s Le Bistro Vert (Filipino Star News – Michigan)

(This feature was published in Filipino Star News – Michigan edition last September 24, 2011)

MAKATI CITY — While most Filipino restaurants are simply happy to serve traditional Filipino fare, Le Bistro Vert in Makati City, Philippines took it a notch higher by offering more than merely local cuisine, but sustainable food as well.

The restaurant is a collaboration among Chit Juan, Jeannie Javelosa and Reena Francisco, all food lovers, who thought of bringing the produce of the farmers directly to the plate, and in a comfortable atmosphere that would inspire people to live and eat sustainably.

Le Bistro Vert, which translates to “the green bistro,” supports the advocacy of locavorism.

According to the Merriam-Website Dictionary, a “locavore” is one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible. A prime example of the restaurant’s advocacy is its one of its bestselling dishes— Palawan Cashew and Herb Crusted Sole Fillet.

It uses native cashews from the province of Palawan, and is made tastier with some edamame puree and burnt lemon butter sauce. The crunch from the cashew and herb crust is a good complement to the tender fish fillet, which is served on a bed of diced potatoes.

Feast on other standout main courses such as the mouthwatering inch-thick grilled pork chop that is dished up with mango salsa and some garlic bok choy, as well as the chicken mango asparagus roulade that comes with organic brown rice. For the vegetarians, sample the savory organic vegetable and tofu minestrone soup that has some malunggay (moringa) pesto and garlic bread on the side.

It was Chef Sau del Rosario who conceptualized the inaugural menu of Le Bistro Vert and set the trend for the kind of food served in the restaurant. His culinary influences from his professional experiences in France and in other Asian countries were apparent in his food offerings. Now, some of Reena Francisco’s comfort food and Chef Jam Melchor’s specialties have been included in the menu.

“There is a special sustainable food menu which ensures that food products support earth-friendly initiatives and help sustain local farmers,” shares Jeannie Javelosa. “We try to source most of our ingredients from local farmers and producers, community groups, small organic farms or those which do not use any chemicals that are toxic to the environment.”