JUANA BOWL: U.S. Rib-Eye Steak and Norwegian Pink Salmon (OAP)

(This was published in OurAwesomePlanet.com and Mercato Centrale last June 5, 2013)

“You want a bowl?”

Juana Bowl is actually a playful take on that phrase, which proprietor, Monch Bernabe, conceptualized around eight years ago. The name is apt for the brand that highlights Spanish food.

In the Mercato markets though, Juana Bowl is famous for its U.S. Rib-Eye Steak, which comes in a 220-gram serving and is reasonably priced at P190. Monch shares that her family really likes steak that even her little boy can finish a hefty serving of it.

It is not your usual weekend market fare, and thus, it has attracted all kinds of meat lovers—not just growing boys. Where else can you get a nice piece of steak for that price? The secret is getting it from a direct supplier.

Just like in high-end restaurants, Juana Bowl asks its customers how they want their steak done before cooking it on the spot. The cook simply seasons it with salt and pepper and serves it with some house-blend gravy. It sounds plain but it is a nice way to showcase the quality of the meat. Aside from being tasty, what makes this an easy eat is that it gives a tender bite with each delicious mouthful.

Another must-try in the menu is the Norwegian Pink Salmon, which is a good option for those who want to go meatless. The serving size of the fish is enough to satisfy a big appetite and it is affordably priced at P190 as well. Once cooked, just squeeze a wedge of lemon to add some tang to it. I like that it is a very filling meal and healthy, too.

With this food business, Monch is able to showcase her love for cooking. She has always been into food since she is a nutritionist. She is also married to a guy who likes to cook, Boybie, who comes from a family that has a catering business. It seems like love for food is really in their blood.

Other notable dishes are the Grilled Tanigue and Malted Pork Ribs (a recipe created by Monch herself). Aside from these regular meals, Juana Bowl also offers value meals that come in smaller servings of around 100 grams per viand and practically priced at P110 only.

Next time hunger strikes, grab a bowl of one of these meals to satisfy your cravings.