In Good Spirits (Metro Society)

(This profile feature was published in Metro Society‘s January 2012 issue.)

With his crisp white shirt, navy coat, khaki trousers, and confident stance, Bill Hardy looks like a man who knows his stuff–in this case, wines. Born William Hardy in Adelaide, South Australia, he is the fifth generation descendant of Thomas Hardy, who established the family’s wine business.┬áHardys is the top Australian wine brand in the Philippines when it comes to value and volume. It offers a wide variety of wines, accessible to people from all walks of life.

Currently the Hardys corporate oenologist and brand ambassador, Bill travels around the world to promote their wines. “I was a winemaker for almost 25 years. I’ve really only been a brand ambassador for the last 15 years.”

Wine drinkers, not necessarily connoisseurs, would be familiar with the name Hardys, as it has been around since 1853. The brand, though, has been present in the Philippines for a mere 10 years. Bill recently visited Manila to promote their top-end labels that were just launched in the local market.

According to Bill, one of his favorites from the premium range is, “the wine named after my grandmother, the Eileen Hardy wine.” This award-winning range was a tribute to the family’s great matriarch. Bill also shares, “I love the Thomas Hardy Cabernet because Cabernet is the great Bordeaux variety.”

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