Bistek bulalo and other Filipino food with a twist at Dekada (GMA News Online)

Tinapang Tahong Rebusado

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last March 23, 2016)

“What’s a good place to eat?”

I’m getting used to being asked that question by my acquaintances, friends, and even visiting relatives from abroad. I have suggested date places, hole-in-the-wall establishments, and everything in between. But when asked about good Filipino restaurants, my answers would be the usual popular bets. Now, I have something new to say.

Discovering historic Filipino food

I’m pretty impressed with Dekada’s twist on Filipino cuisine. The establishment has been around for a few years now, serving historic Filipino food, which was made true to its name ever since Chef Niño Laus revamped the heritage restaurant’s menu in 2015.

According to the chef consultant, “Sinubukan namin gawin yung authentic dishes ng mga favorite heroes natin, which are based on facts and research from different food historians.”

What’s interesting about Dekada is that you’ll find traditional Filipino food components with the chef’s unique spin applied to the recipes. Months of research and development went into the well-curated menu that features significant dishes based on Philippine history and some of its noteworthy figures. There are dishes inspired by the palates of Jose Rizal and Marcelo H. Del Pilar, among others. “You get a brief history of the Philippines through the visuals [in the menu] and through your food,” said the chef, who is famous for his style of fusion cuisine.

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