Still doing your work in coffee shops? Try coworking (GMA News Online)

(This piece was published in GMA News Online last May 30, 2012)

It is quite a common sight to see individuals working on their laptops in coffee shops and other similar establishments. Apart from working at home or the office, people have discovered the so-called “third place,” which has become popular with freelancers and such individuals. Thus, the birth of coworking spaces.

Coworking is supposedly one of the decade’s major trends. It has grown considerably since it started in 2005, and according to the 2nd Global Coworking Survey conducted by Deskmag, more than one in three coworking spaces plan to expand by this year.

Just last 2011, one such coworking space opened in the heart of Makati’s Central Business District.

co.lab is a coworking space, which is basically a shared office for entrepreneurs, start-up entrepreneurs, independent professionals, freelancers, creative people, social entrepreneurs—people who typically work from home,” says Francesca Zimmer-Santos, co.lab’s co-founder and collaborator, along with Danella Yujuico Yaptinchay who is also the managing director of Full Suite, Inc. “co.lab is proudly Filipino. It turns out that there was a need for a space outside of working from home or working in cafés.”

Coworking spaces serve as an alternative to those who are tired of the isolation at home or those who work in cafés. They offer a more productive environment with fewer distractions, spaces where you can really get your work done.

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