Rocci: A Chocoholic’s Dream (

(This piece was published in last June 19, 2012)

Inspired by the charming cafés peppered throughout Italy, Trina Lim got the idea of putting up her own little coffee shop during a trip to Europe with her sister, thus, the birth of Rocci Chocolate and Coffee in 2007. The brand name is a play on the Italian word, ricco, which translates to “rich,” as reflected in the shop’s menu items.

Deciding to highlight its chocolate creations, Trina recently re-opened the place and re-launched the brand Rocci Chocolate Kitchen. “Ever since it started, it was really about the partnership of coffee and chocolate.”

Situated in the outskirts of Makati’s Central Business District, this quaint café offers a good and quiet place to hang out. Its neutral furnishings look especially nice with the bright red ceiling that accentuates the classic Capiz-shell chandelier. Its comfy and homey ambience makes it even more enjoyable to enjoy a cup of Joe and dessert. All the coffee blends in Rocci are locally sourced. “We want to show that Philippine coffee is actually world-class. It can compete in terms of the taste.” Trina, who is passionate about coffee as well, believes in the quality of the local brew.

Sweet dreams

Counting calories is not something you should do when you are in Rocci Chocolate Kitchen, as the name itself evokes indulgence. But if you simply want to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is the perfect place to do it.

Sample the Triple Chocolate Mousse (P158), which is dark Belgian chocolate and milk chocolate mousse on a rich dark chocolate cake. The three layers have different tastes and textures that all go well together in one bite. It is elegantly topped with some chocolate-covered rice crispies to add a little crunch.

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