It’s the Season for Spring (

(This feature was published in last August 24, 2012)

Far from the madding mall crowd is a Chinese eatery tucked in a small nook in Makati’s Central Business District. Spring by Ha Yuan recently opened its doors to diners who desire affordable and healthy Chinese food. I have eaten there a few times already and I am always discovering dishes to add to my list of favorites.

It can be quite confusing for first-time visitors to choose from among the variety of menu items, as Spring serves dim sum, noodle soups, dry-tossed noodles, rice bowls, roasts, lumpia, kapao, and desserts. Rest assured though that Spring makes their own ingredients such as noodles, broths, buns, tofu and soy products. Even their fillings, sauces and condiments are made from scratch.

The restaurant also doesn’t use MSG in its cooking. According to the text in their paper placemat, “The tofu, veggies and probiotic meats we use provide good migraine-free umami!” Another plus is that the pork and chicken they use are hormone-free and free-range, which makes it healthier and tastier.

I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into some comforting Chinese cuisine.

You are what you eat…

A standard order in any Chinese restaurant is dumplings. I like how Spring has choices for the vegetarian, pescetarian, and meat-lover. I went for the seafood option and ordered the Shrimp and Spinach (P90). There are five pieces in every serving of Poached Dumplings in Soy Ginger Broth—good for sharing. Each wrapped dumpling package was generously filled with pieces of sliced shrimp and chopped spinach. For me, it’s best eaten with chili sauce.

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