Steak on a Budget in Brickfire (GMA News Online)


(This was published in GMA News Online last May 27, 2012)

A choice cut of beef cooked perfectly with its all its juicy goodness—it is no wonder that the steak is typically associated with fine dining. Brickfire, however, makes it accessible to more people, as it offers reasonably priced brick oven-roasted steaks and chops.

Despite its affordability, diners are assured of getting choice cuts since the restaurant gets it from a reputable supplier. All the meat is actually locally sourced. According to Aaron Macalinao, one of the owners of the restaurant, “We serve all our steak with thick yellow fat for that juicy, tender steak.” Macalinao is the one who supplies all the meat in the restaurant; after all, his family has been in that particular business for years now.

The meat of the matter

One of the house specialties is The Duke (P250), a juicy tenderloin steak that would satisfy any meat lover. It is cooked medium well, unless otherwise specified, and it is prepared with the restaurant’s original sauce blend, which highlights the traditional salt and pepper flavor. Each bite was a pleasure, as the succulent meat interacted with my taste buds.

Diners would especially enjoy paring it with a serving of creamy mashed potatoes with savory gravy. There are real potato chunks in it, unlike the more commercial ones that are made from prepared mixes.

The Broccoli Tex-Mex (P160) is also a nice accompaniment to the steak. A plate of broccoli flowers is smothered in rich cheese sauce and topped with grated cheese and crunchy bacon bits. Eating veggies also made me feel less guilty for indulging on a steak meal.

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