Alternate Route (Mabuhay Magazine)

Route 196 is an underground bar with cool lighting, wooden panels and graffiti art works on the walls.  Legendary bands like The Dawn and The Jerks have played here.  Acoustic performers, band nights and even iPod nights are regular features.  A must-try is the Noypi pizza.  Light, crunchy but not too salty, it combines tinapa (dried fish) flakes and kesong puti (white cheese).  The pepper-seared tuna with wasabi sauce, chili cheese sticks and tinapa rolls are all spicy and delicious.  When you’re stuck in a traffic jam, take this route.

 Route 196 – 196a Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge A, Quezon City; tel. no. +632-4391972

(Published in Mabuhay Magazine, March 2008)

CD Review: Interpreter by Silverfilter (Mabuhay Magazine)

The electronica scene in Manila may not be as popular as the ubiquitous show bands, but it is kept alive by one of the more well known local electronica acts, Silverfilter.  This one-man act just released his second album, Interpreter, which features a collection of remixes that Silverfilter has done over the years.  The 12-track CD contains a wide range of music, from chill out to techno to house.  The opening track, “The Indefinite…,” showcases Silverfilter’s musical expertise as he transforms rock music into electronica.  You would surely be hooked to the pulsating beats and infectious vibe of Silverfilter’s music.   

(You can get the album from or

Rating: 4 stars

(Published in Mabuhay Magazine, April 2008)

CD Review: "From Inside the Fishbowl" by Overtone (Mabuhay Magazine)

Overtone is one of the long-time playing local rock bands who finally took a leap from regularly performing in bars into releasing their debut album, “…from inside the fishbowl.”  The songs from their album reflect the kind of alternative and pop punk music that they perform in their gigs.  Tracks such as “Comic Book Hero” and “I’m Not a Psychic” show how foreign bands like Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Hoobastank have been great influences to them.  The other upbeat tunes in Overtone’s 12-track CD would definitely make you appreciate punk rock more.

(You can get their album from selected record bars around the metro.)

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

(Published in Mabuhay Magazine, April 2008)

Tipco 100% Advertorial

“Eat your veggies” – that’s what moms usually tell their children.  But with Tipco 100%, children and adults alike could actually drink the required serving of vegetables with its wide selection of veggie juices.  Contrary to what you may think, these juices do not taste like vegetables at all.  In fact, these are combined with the goodness of fruits for that delicious drinking experience.  Aside from its good taste, these juices are high in nutrients and have no added sugar, color or preservatives.  Tipco 100% also has the most unique flavors of veggie juices in the market.  Try one today and drink your way to a healthy new you!

Beetroot & Fruit Juice 

Contains betacyanin which improves blood circulation and prevents coronary cancer.

Broccoli & Fruit Juice with Green Tea

Has a high vitamin content that assists in preventing stomach cancer and improving eye and skin health.

Carrot & Fruit Juice

A very good source of vitamins A, B2 & C, which help improve eyesight.

Spinach & Fruit with Wheatgrass Juice

 Provides protection against osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer and arthritis.  Stops the growth of bad bacteria and eliminates unpleasant body and breath odors.

Purple Carrot

 Contains antioxidants that are more potent than ordinary carrot juice and helps prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Aloe Vera & White Grape Juice

 Promotes the balance of stomach acids that aid in digestion.

Try the other flavors of Tipco 100%:

  • Tangerine
  • Apple
  • Guava
  • Red Grape
  • Prune & Grape
  • Kiwi & Grape
  • 4-Orange Mix
  • Tomato
  • Pineapple
  • Mixed Vegetable & Fruit
  • Cranberry & Fruit