Confessions: Is Living In Still an Issue? (

(This “Confessions” article about living in was published in last February 2010)

Is living in still taboo these days? Find out what some Pinay women think about this controversial topic.

“For as long as they love and respect each other, I don’t see any problem with couples living together. It serves as a great dry run for married life. It’s better to uncover the possible points of conflict and work on it before actually saying “I do” and committing yourselves to each other, until death do you part.”
– Cookie, 26

“I’m all for living together. I think it is a practical solution to starting a life together. You never really know someone until you live with him, so it’s better to do it before getting hitched on a more semi-permanent level.”
– Ana, 35

“I prefer that couples get married first before they live under one roof. But I have nothing against couples that live together before marriage. I think every couple is unique with how they handle their relationship and situation.”
– Cielo, 31

“I think that a trial period for young couples is important if they intend to get married in the future. Living in works for some couples, while it’s not an option for other conservative couples.”
– Pauline, 25

“I’m for living in! I think it’s better to test the waters before jumping in.“
– Monica, 30

“I’m against living in because it’s like you’re just playing it safe. I believe that two people who are in love and are committed to each other should get married.”
– Shaine, 34

“I’m personally for it, but I think it’s something that you should do after graduating from college, and of course with the right person.”
– Suby, 29

“I don’t have any issues with couples that live in. Sometimes it’s because of the circumstances that they’re in. I think its pretty much accepted by society already. But being brought up by strict Catholic parents, I would still advocate getting married first. I still believe in the sacrament of matrimony and being part of a union blessed by God.”
– Cor, 29

“Although I’m neutral on this issue, I would not consider this an option if I were in a relationship. Living together should be saved for marriage.”
– Khristine, 31

“Being raised a Catholic, I do a double take on couples living in and do wish that they would get married. But in a way, I am neutral about it because I respect their decision on choosing to live together.”
– Inday D., 28

Confessions: How Did You Get Over Your Ex? (

(This “Confessions” article about getting over your ex was published in last July 2009)

Women deal with heartbreak in many ways, as some of these ladies shared for this week’s Confessions.

Compiled by Nikka Sarthou

“I met my ex while I was working in Bacolod and realized, after a year, that we had different priorities so I ended the relationship. I then decided to move back home to Manila, start a new career, meet new people, and surround myself with family and friends.”
-Frances, 28, Marketing Manager

“I kept myself busy, hung out with good friends, and constantly thought about a list of things that I didn’t like about him!”
-Rosan, 30, Restaurant and Bar Part-Owner

“Honestly, it was not easy, having been in the relationship for six years. But I just woke up one day with sheer conviction that enough is enough and the time to move on is long overdue. And so I did. I focused on rebuilding myself, went back on track following my path, and bounced back beyond what I even expected myself to be!”
-Yanna, 32, Poet/Musician/Marketing Executive

“Love with all your heart right? Only this time I focused it on me. I channeled all that energy into other things that made me happy-like I started baking and actually made a living out of it!”
-Twinkle, 28, Baker (

“Work therapy-I accepted all the assignments thrown my way and kept myself busy up to the point that I was ready to drop at the end of the day. It didn’t leave me any room to think about him. Eventually, I realized that I didn’t have room for him in my life anymore.”
-Elizabeth, 40, Bank Manager

“I would constantly remind myself of the reasons why we had to break up-why it didn’t work out and why it won’t. I just reminded myself of the things that I really don’t like about him, or hate about him, or about the relationship.”
-Abi, 30, Student/Homemaker/Striving Entrepreneur

“I allowed myself to mope for a month. But I think the rule is that you’re entitled to mope for half the amount of time that you dated.”
-Anna Rita, 26, Editor

“I spent a lot of time with my family and friends. I also kept myself busy doing things that made me feel better.”
-Jammie, 30, Employee

“I got over my ex by giving myself time to grieve-cried for a couple of days, and even over analyzed the relationship with my friends. When there was nothing left to say, or tears to cry, I found myself looking forward to meeting the next guy.”
-Sharon, 32, Freelance Copywriter

“Moral support from family and friends combined with time helped me with that ‘moving on’ phase. Eventually, I learned how to focus on myself and on things I can control. Then one day, I was okay!”
-Chedriel, 31, Producer

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