10 Places for Great Thai Food in Metro Manila (2019 Edition)

(This feature was published in Spot.ph last June 9, 2019)

Spicy might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Thai food—after all, you do need a high tolerance for heat when you indulge in this cuisine. But it’s definitely worth the burn to experience the whole spectrum of flavors and textures that Thai food has to offer.

Make your way to these Thai spots around the Metro for some good eats:

Easy, Tiger

From a food-hall stall at The Podium’s Corner Market, Easy, Tiger has evolved into a full-fledged restaurant. Instead of the typical Thai representations like purple silk and a golden Buddha, you’ll find edgier, grungy-cool interiors instead. Their mismatched walls and quirky light fixtures make for good conversation starters, but be prepared for their food to be the center of attention. The Green Papaya Salad with Chicken Skin (P225) is a tasty appetizer, with shredded papaya tossed in chili lime dressing and topped with sinful crispy chicken skin. But the star of your meal will be the Crispy Pata with Red Curry (P645), deep-fried pork knuckles that are crunchy outside but juicy and succulent inside. The mouthwatering pork is good on its own, but it’s even better with the rich and spicy red curry sauce. You’ll fall in love at first bite!

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