8 delicious must-tries at Cocina Peruvia (GMA News Online)

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last May 20, 2019)

Much like Filipino food, Peruvian cuisine is greatly defined by influences from its past colonizers and immigrants from Spain, Italy, China, Japan, and Africa. The locals just put in their own signature on it through the use of indigenous ingredients like corn, tubers, and legumes, among others. And you can get a taste of its distinct flavors—without traveling thousands of miles—through Cocina Peruvia.

“We decided to bring Peruvian food here since there aren’t a lot in the country. It’s interesting because it tastes familiar,” disclosed Mia Teng, Marketing Assistant. Many don’t know that Peru has an enormous coastline so a big part of their culinary DNA is seafood, and the restaurant has delicious offerings that highlight the bounty of the sea. Instead of exotic Peruvian fare like guinea pig, you’ll find more recognizable flavors, which is enough to satisfy your curiosity for this cuisine. Here are our top must-tries.

Nachos Peruanos

Corn is a staple food in Peru and it’s the main ingredient for the tortilla that they normally use in their nachos. These crunchy chips are the perfect vessels for the toppings that include ground chicken and diced veggies like cucumber, tomato and onion; plus chili and purple olive mayo. It’s both savory and somewhat spicy, and the delicious combination will make you grab one chip after another. Eat fast or run the risk of munching on soggy chips!

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