The 10 Best 24-Hour Restaurants in Manila (

(This feature was published in last March 28, 2019)

Picture this: It’s past midnight and you’re out and about in the city, chilling at a cool new bar you just discovered or partying at a friend of a friend’s house. Despite the ungodly hour, cravings start to kick in—a luscious burger, greasy Korean barbecue, a bowl of piping hot soup—you’d eat anything that could save you from falling into that black hole of drunkenness. Probably the best thing to happen during these crucial times is the abundance of 24-hour restaurants around the Metro. We’ve narrowed down the choices to reveal the best places you can go to, whether you’re still out in the wee hours of the morning or are just a really, really early riser. These restaurants are open all day—or all night, for that matter, and you can count on them for your late-night food run.

Here are our picks for the best restaurants in Metro Manila that are open 24 hours:

Recovery Food

The idea behind Recovery Food was to provide night owls a great, feels-home-cooked “recovery” meal, post-drinks. Created by the same people behind Mamou, they definitely have more menu options now than when they first opened almost a decade ago. Their dishes come in two sizes: Depending on your hangover, you can go Regular or Full Recovery. Warm your belly with the Rau Men (P240), noodle soup that has a mildly spiced peanut-based broth, or get any of their Rice-A-Bowls for filling and and protein-packed rice bowls. The Happy Beef Rice (P160/regular; P290/full recovery) is their best-selling rice bowl, which will remind you of a good and hearty pares.

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