A dozen must-tries in Yeah! Yeah! Chinese Cuisine (GMA News Online)

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last October 18, 2018)

You won’t see any striking red lanterns, ostentatious gold figurines, or traditional décor in Yeah! Yeah! Chinese Cuisine, but its menu reveals classic favorites and new creations that you would be enticed to try.

This homegrown brand, which opened just last July, brought in two chefs from China to conceptualize and curate its offerings that range from roasts to dimsum, noodles and more.

In place of the customary Chinese interiors is a considerable space filled with modern furnishings that include upholstered booths by the window, as well as wooden slat accents in the ceilings and dividers.

During daytime, you’ll enjoy the natural light passing through the big glass windows, putting spotlight in your food. At the other end of the establishment, you’ll see roasts on display in a glass case.

First-time visitors may feel overwhelmed when browsing through the extensive menu, so we’ve created a shortlist of must-try dishes for you.

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