10 Restaurant That Are Worth The Drive (Spot.ph)

(This feature was published in Spot.ph last September 7, 2018)

Sometimes you just need a respire from chaotic city life and get some R&R. And because there’s bound to be worthwhile food stops in the nearby towns, going for a road trip to recharge your batteries isn’t that bad–hey, it’s the next best thing if you missed that seat sale. So whether you’re headed east, north, or south, key in any of these must-visit, out-of-town restaurants on your navigation system and let your palate do a bit of exploring. After all, you can’t travel on an empty stomach!

Burrow Cafe

Any city-dweller would love the change in scenery at Burrow Cafe, where their garden-like setting will make you feel like you’re outdoors even if you’re not. Here, you can enjoy a lot of tasty meals like Tender Beef Tapa, which lives up to its name. Made with fork-tender yakiniku-style Japanese beef, it’s served with garlic rice and milky scrambled eggs. After that, linger some more for their coffee and desserts–the Dayap Creme Brulee features a soft and creamy custard with a zing of citrus and fresh-fruit slices. You’re sure to end up lounging in their comfy hammocks after that filling meal.

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