Bai Nian Tang Bao: giant soup dumplings that require a straw for sipping the broth plus 9 more reasons to visit (GMA News Online)

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last July 22, 2018)

Pancit, lumpia, siomai… we’ve certainly adopted these Chinese dishes as our own.

But if you step out of your comfort zone and expose your taste buds to new things, you’ll discover that there’s more to Chinese cuisine than that.

Enter xiao long bao (soup dumplings). It’s another one of those dishes originating from China that has recently gained popularity in the country and that is what Bai Nian Tang specializes in.

This Shanghai-based restaurant has been dishing up this dumpling since 1786 and has been serving foodies in different parts of the globe with over 300 branches in China, and several ones in the US and Korea. Finally, it’s reached the Philippine shores.

“Bai Nian Tang Bao’s secret is in the soup — it takes around 12 hours to cook it. It also takes 20 steps to make an original xiao long bao, and all this is made fresh in our kitchen,” shared Paul Li, who co-owns the restaurant with Robert Lim and Christine Li. The two specialties here are the giant tang bao and the crab roe xiao long bao, which are fit for an emperor.

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