What to expect at this Saturday’s food and (craft) beer pairing event (GMA News Online)

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last July 5, 2018)

Thanks to the growing craft beer scene, we’ve gone beyond drinking beer by the bucket and having some rando pulutan with it.

In 2017, Quezon City saw Casa Marcos launching a tapas menu that they deem the perfect fit to Baguio Craft Brewery’s lineup.

This year, it’s Tagaytay’s Monkey Eagle Brewery turn to try and make a go for it. “What we want to do with our beers is really to develop flavors and taste and let people enjoy it,” said Ricardo C. Lopa Jr, one of the founders of Monkey Eager Brewery

They paired up with Privatus Private Dining for a one-night pairing event happening on Saturday that will see a five-course meal and the different craft beers that go with each dish.

“Their beers are crafted strong, bitter, and with different kinds of alcohol volume. The Saison is a light refreshing beer, best with salads and pizzas, which are light as well. Then we slowly progress into stronger, premium, and heavier dishes. The last one, Potion 28, we paired it with something smoky, salty, vinegary, and sweet,” shared Privatus Private Dining Executive Chef and Owner, Antonio Jose Reyes.

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