Wolfgang’s Steakhouse opens in the new Podium (GMA News Online)

This prime porterhouse weights in at 1 kilo and is good for two (at least)

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last January 18, 2018)

Where do you go when you want to wine and dine a special someone? When there’s a reason to celebrate, what sort of cuisine comes to mind? There’s no better place to commemorate an occasion than a steakhouse.

We usually think of steak when there’s a reason to splurge, and although good steakhouses in the city are few and far between, we are fortunate to have a global brand like Wolfgang’s Steakhouse launch its second branch in Manila.

The establishment first opened in Manhattan back in 2004, and it now has 19 locations around the world where the Newport Mall in the Philippines was the first one in Southeast Asia.

Steak a claim

“We wanted to provide great steak to the world. And my father used to work in a restaurant called Peter Luger’s Steakhouse. He worked there for 40 years,” according to Peter Zwiener, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse President and Managing Partner. “At Peter Luger’s, he learned what makes a great steak. It’s about the product. You had to make sure you get the finest meat possible. In the United States it’s called USDA Prime.”

Having grown up in a household where steak is a regular part of their everyday diet, Zwiener has developed a particular passion for it. He mentioned that aside from getting a good piece of beef, they also focus on the breed of cattle, more specifically Angus and Black Angus. “We want to make sure that we’re in control of where we buy our beef so we focus on certain ranches and certain purveyor.”

At Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, diners are sure to have the best beef as these are shipped chilled — not frozen — and aged in-house. The establishment even built its own proprietary designed aging room where they were able to create an environment of a sustainable temperature.

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