49-B Heirloom Kitchen’s holiday menu makes festive use of olive oil (GMA News Online)


(This feature was published in GMA News Online last December 27, 2016)

Even when it was just a cozy little restaurant, 49-B Heirloom Kitchen impressed me with its food. Although it had no particular cuisine, its menu was well curated with a collection of family recipes passed on from one generation to the next. There are Filipino, Asian, and European dishes and some of its popular dishes were the paella, the beef lengua, and the chocolate chip cookies.

But during my last visit, I was surprised by its new location and look. It was more like a hole-in-the-wall before. Now, it’s a bigger, two-storey dining establishment where you can comfortably dine with a large group, which is just perfect for this holiday season.

Olive oil in the limelight

Instead of indulging in restaurant favorites, I was able to sample 49-B Heirloom Kitchen’s Festive Flavors Holiday Menu specifically made for Doña Elena. This limited edition menu highlighted the use of three olive oil variants: extra virgin, pure olive oil, and pomace. Executive chef Erica Aquino was able to combine her favorite international cuisines and recipes with a taste of home.

We started with some Grilled Shrimp on Patacones, a South American-inspired appetizer. The twice-fried plantain slices are topped with cooked shrimp, minced onions and tomatoes, and cilantro. It was served with a chilled cucumber yogurt soup drizzled with olive oil. I enjoyed the play of textures and flavors here—there’s the crunch from the patacones, the soft shrimp, and the cool chilled soup that neutralized my palate.

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