What food means Christmas to you? (GMA News Online)

roasted chestnuts

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last November 28, 2016)

It’s no surprise to hear Christmas carols on the radio once the -ber months kick in. But we really feel that the holidays are near once we start craving nostalgic treats that remind us of that time of the year. You can feel the Christmas spirit once you get a whiff of the following yuletide goodies.

Castañas (roasted chestnuts)

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” This is the song that most likely popularized this nut variant, and associated it with the holiday season. There are different varieties of chestnuts, but the ones found in Manila mostly come from China.

Although these are small, they send out a strong aroma once cooked and you’ll be rewarded with its sweet and nutty flavor. You’ll see them being roasted in big woks with small stones at weekend markets and sometimes in supermarkets.

Puto bumbong
This native kakanin is named such for its steamed puto (glutinous rice) cooked in bumbong (bamboo). It’s a pretty tedious process to create this delicacy, which starts with soaking, grinding, and drying the galapong (rice dough) then steaming it through narrow bamboo tubes.
It’s traditionally made with black rice, which gives it its purplish hue, but many makers use malagkit with ube (purple yam) instead because of its availability. It is served with butter, muscovado sugar, and freshly grated coconut. Many folks take home this treat after going to simbang gabi (midnight mass), but it’s also available in some markets and Filipino restaurants.

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