Grind Bistro: Burgers, black chicken, and rainy-day cheese on rye (GMA News Online)

Don't miss Grind Bistro's specialty burgers made with USDA beef

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last July 21, 2016)

From hole-in-the-wall establishments to chef-driven restaurants, Metro Manila’s food scene is brimming with excitement. I could hardly keep up with the new dining places popping up around town, but I do try to visit recently opened restos whenever I have time. My latest discovery serves burgers and classic American cuisine: Grind Bistro.

Opened last May, this trendy full-service restaurant was originally conceptualized as a casual American diner bordering on fastfood, but evolved into something a little more upscale than just a burger joint.

Restaurateur couple

Steven Carl and Cristina Imperial Carl are the husband-and-wife team behind Grind Bistro. The couple had formal culinary training, and Steven used to be a hotel executive chef and food and beverage director. “During our recent trips to the Philippines, we’ve seen how the food scene has grown so much. There were a lot of chefs who were focusing on local produce, local ingredients, and that’s what Steven’s food is really about,” says Cristina.

Grind Bistro is the second food venture they put up within a year, after their original burger concept. “But this is our showpiece. We get to have fun and experiment with the food and do a little more upscale dining and service,” says Steven. Another restaurant is in the works and its set to open before the year ends.

This food-loving couple enjoys setting up elaborate dinner parties at home, and most of the dishes in their restaurant menu came from those events. Way before they opened the restaurant, they did a lot of food tasting with family and friends to fine-tune recipes. The result is a relatively small menu that features select dishes.

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