Flame Restaurant brings theater kitchen to the dining room (GMA News Online)

A cheese dessert called Taleggio

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last June 30, 2016)

Unlike other fancy hotel restaurants that are formal and stiff, the new Flame Restaurant in Discovery Primea is more trendy and interactive, but still upscale.

Opened in June, this dining establishment welcomes its diners with a floor-to-ceiling “living chandelier” accented with Spanish moss, locally known as Buhok ni Ester. New World décor is showcased throughout the space, which can accommodate around 80 diners. Located on the 16th floor, it offers a good vantage point where you can see the Makati skyline, and the view is even more spectacular at night.

A theater kitchen and cheese program

Flame has also introduced a unique hotel-dining concept where patrons can get a seat at the hub by the marble-top open kitchen and interact with the chefs as they prepare the food. Make sure to do so, so you can ask the chefs about the dishes and get to appreciate them some more.

“We feature modern European cuisine but with an Asian comfort twist. There will be flavors, presentations, concepts that will have an Asian flavor to it, but at its core is modern European,” said David Pardo de Ayala, general manager and “chef-at-heart,” who added that some people might think, incorrectly, that Flame is a steakhouse because of its name. “No. ‘Flame’ is for passion. Our passion—my team and I—for creating memorable, new, and world-class experiences through food.”

Along with Pardo de Ayala, executive chef Luis Chikiamco helped craft the menu. They know that people are very well-traveled and informed, and want to see something new and exciting but still recognizable on their plates.

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