Discovering the best ramen and comfort food spots in the south (GMA News Online)

Ramen Kuroda in BF Homes offers free extra noodles for every a la carte serving

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last May 14, 2016)

I’ve lived in the south all my life, but I am still getting to know it in terms of its culinary identity. It’s a never-ending process actually, as the neighborhood food scene keeps on changing, especially in BF Homes Parañaque where you’ll find a number of restaurants, hole-in-the-wall establishments, and everything in between.

For me, Aguirre Avenue feels like it’s an endless stretch of eating destinations. I’ve been there several times, but I don’t think I have tried even half of what it has to offer. I’ve pinpointed some favorites though, which I think is worth sharing with those who feel overwhelmed with all the tempting options there.

Ramen is one of my go-to comfort foods and whenever my hubby and I crave for it, Ramen Kuroda (96 Aguirre Avenue) comes top of mind. This casual dining establishment has an open kitchen where you can see the staff prepare the food. We have tried all the three kinds of ramen in this place: shiro, kuro, and aka, which all have rich wheat homemade noodles swimming in tasty tonkotsu broth highlighted by its umami flavor.

Shiro is the classic type, kuro has that special garlic oil, while aka is the spicy one. I prefer the latter because of its piquant broth that has the perfect amount of spiciness—you won’t cough your way throughout the meal. My hubby also likes it but he gets the aka chasumen variant that has 300 percent more chasu (braised pork). We both love how this branch serves a free serving of extra noodles for every à la carte ramen order.

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