3 must-try food spots in Cebu: Ilaputi, Hala Paella!, Ibiza Beach Club (GMA News Online)

Ilaputi's Southside ribs with salted egg fried rice will make your tummy happy

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last March 1, 2016)

There’s more to Cebu than lechon. Though it prides itself in its roasted whole pig specialty, there are other dine-worthy destinations in the Queen City of the South.

All-day comfort food at Ilaputi

What used to be a humble carinderia is now a full-fledged 24-hour restaurant in IT Park. Ilaputi is the brainchild of Jan Rodriguez, who established it almost 14 years ago. “Ila” is a local term for “kila” and “puti” is his nickname, so “Ilaputi” was coined and the name stuck.

This hardworking entrepreneur used to serve just two kinds of dishes, but the menu has evolved and grown into something that specializes in Asian soul food. “These would be dishes you’d find in different countries [and] cooked by your mom probably,” said Rodriguez. “These are not authentic cuisines from different places, but authentic in the sense that it’s my iteration of how I wanted it to be.”

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