5 pizza-making tips from Chef Margarita Fores and Maestro Gaetano Fazio (Rappler)

Maestro Gaetano Fazio and Chef Margarita Fores create pizza magic with Caputo flour (photo from PR)

(This feature was published in Rappler last February 28, 2016)

Not all pizzas are created equal.

You’ll find variations of this traditional Italian specialty in many local restaurants, international fast-food chains, and food stalls, but nothing comes close to the original one created in Naples. Pizza-maker, Maestro Gaetano Fazio, who has been making pizzas for over 50 years now, was recently in Manila for a pizza-making session. He was the mentor of Chef Margarita Fores (Asia’s Best Female Chef for 2016), the lady behind CIBO who traveled all the way to Ischia in Italy – 12 years ago – to be close to the source and learn from no less than the master.

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