Champagne buffet, tapas, and other good eats at Alfred (GMA News Online)

Raclette and champagne will please your palates

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last February 9, 2016)

All-you-can-eat restaurants have become a trend these past couple of years. It’s now a dime a dozen—you’d see them in high-end hotels and in commercial malls, too.

But not all buffet spreads are created equal. Some have mundane munchies that would fill your belly but not necessarily make for a happy tummy. Others would surpass your gastronomic expectations with its gourmet offerings.

One such place where I would happily not count calories is Alfred, the 24-hour restaurant of Makati Diamond Residences.

Champagne every day, why not?

I immediately liked the simple yet sophisticated vibe of the restaurant when I walked in for lunch the first time I went there. It felt open and spacious because of its high ceiling. It had floor to ceiling neutral drapes with natural sunlight coming in from one side. There were U-shaped upholstered seats for the round tables, stylish lighting fixtures, and an elegant orchid centerpiece in the middle.

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