Tasting my way around Tokyo (GMA News Online)

Skewered meats are easy to eat while sightseeing in Asakusa

(This piece was published in GMA News Online last July 2, 2015)

My love affair with Japanese food came later in my life. I remember I would cringe every time I would see my dad dip a slice of raw fish in wasabi-laced soy sauce and eat it in one big bite. Now that I have developed a more adventurous palate, I regret not trying sashimi earlier on.

I might have missed out on Japanese food for some years, but I believe it made me appreciate it more now. During my recent trip to Tokyo, food tripping was my main itinerary. I skipped DisneySea and Mt. Fuji in the name of food.

Despite my weary feet I trod along the city streets just to find the best ramen bar. I rode trains to reach the fish market and indulge in the best sushi I ever tasted in my life. To lessen the ordeal for Tokyo trippers, here are some of my food finds that you must try.

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