Drink what you like and store it well: Simple tips on wine appreciation (GMA News Online)

Bordeaux native, Laurent Ducourneau, shares his knowledge about wine

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last April  2015)

I can’t forget the time I opened a bottle of merlot, poured myself a glass, and sipped on what tasted more like vinegar than wine. I found myself setting aside the wineglass for the first time, and feeling bad for having to throw the wine away. I considered using it for cooking, but I thought that it might affect the food’s taste in a bad way.

Have you had a similar experience where you were expecting a good glass of vino but got rancid wine instead?

It turns out that storage and service can affect your wine drinking experience. Generally, we Filipinos aren’t wine drinkers—well, not like the French anyway, but don’t let that intimidate you. Anyone can develop a greater appreciation for wine by following these simple tips.

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