Traipsing through Taipei (GMA News Online)

Maokong Gondola

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last November 1, 2014)

Taiwan’s unique food culture is what made my hubby and I book a trip to this bustling Asian city. We planned to eat our way through Taipei but we discovered that there’s more to it than food alone.
During our three-day stay, we explored the top main attractions by foot, bus, train and even a cable car! It was so easy to get around there that we intentionally got lost so we could see more of the city. All we had to do was to get a TaipeiPass that allowed us unlimited use of the MRT and city bus.
We created our own itinerary so we could tour at our own pace, and our first agenda was to ride the Maokong Gondola. From the city center, we took the MRT to the Taipei Zoo Station, which had a walkable distance to the cable car entrance. We went there on a Saturday and the crowd was organized and manageable. As first-timers, we made sure to line up for the crystal cabin so we can see through the bottom as we go up to the Maokong Station.
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