A sneak peek at the new Chef Creations by Chef Claude Tayag (GMA News Online)

Pulled pork with adobo dip

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last April 30, 2014)

One of the food trends of 2014 is the improved food service at convenience stores (or c-stores). Roller hotdogs or heated pizzas have become passé. Customers now have a wider selection to choose from, and with healthier food offerings, too.

I’m glad to see that there are more nutritious alternatives in these establishments, which have become the go-to place for most office workers who want to get affordable quick bites. I noticed that such stores located near call centers and BPO offices have a lot of foot traffic, day or night.

The good news is that renowned culinary expert and staunch Filipino cuisine advocate Chef Claude Tayag has teamed up with c-store chain 7-Eleven. Foodies may know him as the owner of Bale Dutung, a restaurant in Pampanga, or the person who gave international TV host Anthony Bourdain a taste of authentic local cuisine.

According to Jose Victor Paterno, Philippine Seven Corporation President and CEO, “It made perfect sense to partner with Chef Claude, as he is one of the foremost advocates of Filipino cuisine to the world. He knows exactly how to bring out familiar flavors we know and love and every dish from his kitchen can be considered a work of art.”

Paterno further revealed that when he thinks of Filipino food, Claude Tayag is the first chef that comes to mind because of his expertise.

Aside from cooking, another known passion of Tayag’s is art, being a multifaceted artist. The kitchen is a venue for him to showcase his know-how in the culinary arts.

For his c-store meal endeavor, it took more than a year to finalize three dishes to release to the public. Tayag made sure that all the dishes were tasty without compromising the ingredients. Everything was made from scratch; no instant mixes were used. He revealed that he had a shortlist of 12 meals at the start, but they narrowed it down to the three most popular ones.

In May, everyone will get a chance to sample the Chef Creations line, which will be available in the metro and other Luzon stores.

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