TRUCK BUN: Sandwiches with an International Flair (OAP)

Truck bun

(This feature was published in last September 4, 2013)

Filipino, Spanish, Japanese, American… Can’t quite figure out your cravings? Truck Bun has a wide variety of sandwich and wrap offerings that feature flavors from around the world.

The BBQ Pulled Pork Bun comes highly recommended. Picture slow-roasted and shredded hickory barbecued pork shoulder placed under a bed of creamy cabbage coleslaw and sweet corn kernels and then topped with breaded onion rings… The result is bite after delicious bite of swine succulence. The meat is tender and flavorful and the veggies and onion rings added some crunch. I like this particular sandwich that has a good balance of flavors and textures.

The Crispy Sisig Wrap was another item in the menu that made me curious. I couldn’t imagine eating sisigwithout the sizzling plate so I let my taste buds go on a gastronomic journey. The pita wrap was filled with bits ofsisig (made with minced pig’s ears and cheeks), breaded tofu, egg and veggies that are drizzled with a special mayo sauce that has spicy calamansi flavor. I like the attempt of adding tofu to make it healthier.

The Truck Bun Japadog is another bestseller. This type of dogwich is said to originate in the streets of Canada and Truck Bun was able to make their own yummy version. The beef frank is wrapped in nori and dressed with a variety of toppings such as pork floss, Japanese pickled vegetables and ebiko, and wasabi-flavored mayo.

I discovered that it was Chef Michelle “Chay” Aquino who invented these creative concoctions. She took up culinary in Le Cordon Bleu and honed her skills while studying in Australia. She and her four siblings are behind this food truck business that just opened last May.

“We just wanted something from different parts of the world so we can showcase what is known in that country,” shares Chef Chay. “We wanted something that was easy to eat; something that can be bought for on-the-go people—like a grab-and-go concept.”

She and her siblings planned this food truck business for more than a year and they officially launched it in Cucina Andare in the summer of 2013. The chef got the inspiration from the U.S. television show, Eat St.

Truck Bun has regular items on the menu but it also features a new item every month. This August, you will be able to order some Beef Kobbidah, ground meat shaped into a log, served with butter rice, grilled tomatoes and onions with white garlic sauce. While diners would get to taste some Greek flavors come September.

Aside from the monthly specials, Truck Bun also offers party trays for those who want to bring sandwiches home to share. The truck can also be rented for private events.

Get to see Chef Chay in action when she fixes up her wraps and sandwiches (nothing over P200!) in Cucina Andare. Now you know where to go when hunger strikes.