Orange Whisk: A friendly neighborhood restaurant and patisserie (GMA News Online)

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last August 17, 2013)

One of the perks of living in the suburbs is getting a regular dose of some peace and quiet—but that also means being far from the action in the city. For a foodie like me, the choices in surburbia are limited, but sometimes I come across unexpected discoveries that I like.

My most recent one is Orange Whisk, a cozy restaurant located in one of the side streets in the southern part of the metro.

I was on the road when I was attracted by the establishment’s bold colors. I wasn’t really looking for a place to eat, but my adventurous palate dictated otherwise. Upon entering, I thought the establishment was just a simple café with the usual coffee-and-pastries-fare. But it turned out to be so much more than that.

It was nice and quiet inside; I could hardly hear the vehicular noise from the street. I was entertained by the orange and gray color combination, the artworks on the wall, and the interesting interiors with orange-colored whisks as lighting fixtures.

First visit: Merienda munchies

It was time for merienda when I first visited Orange Whisk, so I sampled a couple of their baked goodies, including the Belgian Rose cupcake. The cupcake was too pretty to eat, as it was decorated with swirls of creamy frosting and an elegant dark chocolate disk. After a couple of bites, I was pleasantly surprised that it had an orange-colored filling inside, which had a ‘floral’ taste for me. I love chocolate, but I found this one a bit too sweet for my taste. Others seems to like it, as it was one of their bestselling cupcakes.

There were other nice pastries on display such as cake pops, bars and more, but I just had to try the so-called Chewy Bun, a simple-looking piece of bread that could pass as a sibling of the pandesal, but is actually more similar to the Korean QQ Bun. With one bite, I felt the contrasting textures of the bread—crunchy on the outside but chewy inside. The sensation was enjoyable, especially when the bun was served piping hot (diners may request the server to heat it). It paired well with my chosen beverage, hot chocolate.

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