A taste of France in Le Petit Chéri (GMA News Online)

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last April 7, 2013)

Paris is almost everyone’s dream destination, but if you can’t fly there to see the famed Eiffel Tower and get a taste of authentic French cuisine, just head to Le Petit Chéri for the next best thing. This new cafe-restaurant makes you feel like you are in a Parisian café without actually leaving the metro.

The spacious interiors of the restaurant are elegantly decorated with artworks and mementos that will remind you of the City of Lights. There are miniature Eiffel Tower souvenirs and other similar novelty items on display. The stylish restaurant servers even wear berets, which complete the effect. Apart from the lovely ambience, what makes this place a must-visit is the food.

Le Petit Chéri is actually the first food business venture of Edna Cureg. She and her husband have a printing business but they were inspired to put up this concept restaurant during their travels abroad. “We visited [Paris] twice and we fell in love with France. It was such a good experience. We thought of bringing home the experience.” According to Cureg, “[It is a] chance to share the experience with customers.”

It’s teatime!

Le Petit Chéri is a nice venue for some afternoon tea as well as coffee meet-ups. Its “Classic Afternoon Tea” offers a selection of gourmet hors d’oeuvres, finger sandwiches and homemade petit fours along with fragrant teas. But for those who prefer a simple cup of tea, try to get a table in the mezzanine, which has a display shelf with an interesting selection of books. Best to grab a nice read to keep you company while you sip tea or a frothy cappuccino. For those who want a caffeine-free drink, there’s always hot chocolate. This sweet beverage is served with some whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder, and it comes with a cookie on the side.


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