Things to do in Boracay (

(This feature was published in last April 3, 2013)

The Philippines boasts a lot of beautiful beaches and Boracay is usually top of the list. In 2012 alone, Boracay has seen the arrival of one million visitors—and the island is just around seven kilometers long. The powdery white sand beach though, is the main attraction, as well as the calm, blue waters that complement it.


Treat yourself to a fresh cup of Joe and some calamansi (local citrus fruit) muffins at Real Coffee and Tea Café. Most resorts and restaurants serve traditional and continental breakfast. Take your pick from the variety of establishments along the shore.

Real Coffee and Tea Café – Station 1, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines (near Island Foot Spa)

Morning activity

Simply walk around the beach or sunbathe by the shore to get a golden tan. While you’re at the beach, get a cute henna tattoo or shop at the various souvenir stalls.

Your vacation would be more fun if you try some water sports such as parasailing, kite boarding, helmet diving, and many more. It would also be nice to go island hopping to see the nearby places such as Crystal Cove and Puka Beach and go snorkeling in between.


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