Global City restaurant offers favorite food with taste of home (Filipino Star News – Michigan)

(This feature was published in Filipino Star News – Michigan edition last September 26, 2011)

GLOBAL CITY — Home-style cooked food evokes sweet memories. For some of us, it conjures images from childhood when our grandmother used to do everything from scratch and cook with a hot stove all day.

For others, it simply brings back good memories of being together with their family and loved ones.

There’s nothing like a plateful of Filipino flavors to give a taste of home. The food in Abè (pronounced as ah-beh), a fine restaurant in Global City, Taguig, Philippine, offers an experience of savoring delicious traditional Filipino cuisine, mostly inspired by food favorites that originated from Pampanga.

Abè is part of The LJC Restaurant Group, with the initials stand for Larry J. Cruz, who was the founder and president of the chain of restaurants that include Café Adriatico, Larry’s Café and Bar and Lorenzo’s Way.

Abè is, in fact, dedicated to the father of Larry J. Cruz, who was a writer, artist and food lover. Some of the dishes in the restaurant’s menu came from fellow artists and writers who shared recipes of their own home-cooked food.

One of my favorites is Lumpiang Pica-Pica, which consists of spring rolls filled with mashed garbanzos. It has a somewhat creamy texture with some crunchy feel from the bits of chickpeas, and it tastes better when dipped in the garlic-vinegar sauce. This simple dish is a nice way to whet your appetite.

The Paco Fern and Tomato Salad is a healthy alternative to start your meal. It has young rainforest fern (pac-paco) with sliced tomatoes, onions and salted egg, and drizzled with some light salad dressing. Better leave some room for the main course though, as Abè offers a lot of delectable Filipino favorites.

One of the restaurant’s specialties is Abè’s Morcon, which is slowly cooked meal roll filled with slices of chorizo, egg and paprika.

This makes me reminisce about the holiday season, when my mother used to make her own version of morcon.

Another “must order” is the Knockout Knuckles — the restaurant’s version of the traditional crispy pata (pork knuckles), which meat lovers enjoy. Abè’s Chicken Supreme is worth sampling as well. This mouth-watering spring chicken dish is stuffed with galapong (ground rice), chestnuts and raisins.

No doubt, each diner would delight in sampling the various food choices in Abè while dining in a nice and comfortable setting, and remembering the good old days.


Abè’s Address: Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines