Gustatory Treats in Ginzadon (

(This write-up was published in the Metro section of last August 4, 2011)

Diners get the best of both worlds in Ginzadon, a fine restaurant that serves Japanese and Korean cuisines—all under one roof. Located in Resorts World Manila, it is one of my family’s favorite restaurants, as it offers fantastic food, amazing ambience, and superb service, too.

Upon settling down, one of the servers will give you a complimentary round of appetizers, which normally includes different types of side dishes such as kimchi and some sweet and spicy dried dilis (long-jawed anchovy). In my past visits, I’ve nibbled on simple starters like peanuts, tuna salad, and bean sprouts; and even had a chance to sample more unusual food like seaweed and baby octopus, which was actually very good and tender.

Taste test of two cuisines

It might take a while to go through the variety of dishes listed on the long menu, but don’t be intimidated by it. Take your time while you snack on some starters and sip some hot service tea. Having eaten there for several times now, we have already found our favorites in Ginzadon.

We particularly love their Ebi Tempura (P550), where the shrimps are deep-fried to perfection and taste better when dipped in the tempura sauce with grated ginger. The Yakimeshi (P170), Japanese fried rice, goes really well with the tempura. The bowl of fried rice is filled with bits and pieces of vegetables and scrambled egg. It is big enough to share between two people with small appetites, or just enough for one hearty eater.

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