Quantum Café: A Charming Café and Gallery (ClicktheCity.com)

(This write-up was published in the Metro section of ClicktheCity.com last August 8, 2011)

The so-called “Vegan Happy Hour” is what lured me to Quantum Café, situated at Kamagong corner Bagtikan Streets in Makati. The thought of a healthy all-you-can-eat spread made crave for some good eats, and I was finally able to satisfy my cravings with two like-minded individuals who are both my business partners and great friends.

One time, we had a meeting in Quantum Café over lunch since we wanted to sample their vegan buffet. I was pleasantly surprised as we entered the place and saw that it wasn’t just an ordinary restaurant but one with a gallery. During that day, there was an amazing display of artworks by Boy Garrovillo, a local multimedia artist. His exhibit, entitled “Inked,” featured pen and ink sketches of indigenous people with different tattoo patterns.

The spacious gallery area is a good venue for artists to display their works. It is also a nice place to pass the time while you wait for your order to arrive or after you’ve indulged in the buffet.

Happy hour for foodies

Every Mondays and Tuesdays, diners can indulge in a vegetarian smorgasbord during lunch or dinner for only P250. For that price, you can treat yourself to an eat-all-you-can set menu that includes soup, entrée and dessert.

It was just a simple buffet arrangement, unlike the lavish ones in big restaurants and hotels where you’ll feel full by merely looking at the wide selection of food. To whet my appetite, I got a steaming bowl of vegetable sinigang. The sour broth felt nice on my then empty stomach. There were pieces of eggplant, radish, and kangkong (water spinach), and there was no meat in sight.

The main course that time was adobo flakes made out of veggie meat. The brown bits were crunchy to the bite and had a nice texture to it. It was a very healthy version of adobo without the fat and oil. It went well with the kare-kareng gulay that was served that day as well.

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