Apulit Island Resort: A Panoramic Island Paradise (asianTraveler)

(This article was published in asianTraveler: Beaches of Southeast Asia 4 – July 2011)

A warm welcome awaits the weary traveler upon arrival in Apulit Island.

As the boat navigated through the sapphire waters and toward the pristine cove, we came across a priceless view of magnificent limestone cliffs with a white sand coastline at its foot. The long shore of the beach is peppered with tall coconut trees and lined with water cottages on stilts.

While we took in the spectacular sight, we heard the soft sound of mellifluous music, which became clearer as we approached the dock. We realized that the resort’s staff was serenading us, their guests. We were greeted with sincere smiles, as each of us received a handmade lei, a refreshing drink, and a taste of the locally grown cashew nuts. I have never experienced this sort of grand welcome and it made me look forward to my stay in this paradise-like sanctuary, which I would call home for the next couple of days.

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