Thai Patio’s Authentic Taste (

(This review was published in the Metro section of last May 16, 2011).

The Filipino palate generally leans toward the sweet side, but surprisingly, many locals also enjoy the hot Thai cuisine. However, there are only a few restaurants in the metro that serve authentic Thai food, one of which is Thai Patio, located in plush Greenbelt 5.

Thai Patio is not a newbie in the restaurant scene. It opened in December 2009, and has recently launched a new menu to feature a new side of Thai cuisine. I had a chance to eat with other people from the industry and the owner of the restaurant, Arnold Co, who was proud to share that Thai Patio is in partnership with S&P, which is a well-known establishment in Thailand—in fact, it’s the leading restaurant chain there. One of the chefs of S&P, Thai Chef de Cuisine TingNang Phowong, is in town to join the other two Thai chefs in the restaurant, Chef Danai and Chef Sunee. The three of them were able to create new and exciting dishes that are definitely worth trying.

While waiting for the food to arrive, I admired the interiors of the place. The first thing I noticed was the ceiling, which displayed remarkable lighting fixtures that are inspired by the ones in Thailand but made more colorful. Scattered around the dining room were décor with golden accents that are originally from Chang Mai. The dining tables were simply set with white celadon dining ware. The entire room can only seat so much but there’s an al fresco dining area to accommodate more diners.

The flavors of Thai

For most Filipinos (including me), our knowledge of Thai food ranges from the usual pad Thai to chicken pandan. But Thai Patio offers more than that. For some of its dishes, it makes use of unexpected ingredients but somehow suits it to the Thai taste. One of the dishes that stood out for me was the Spicy Beef Tenderloin Salad on Grilled Portobello Mushrooms (P550). The name of the dish and its ingredients do not really sound Thai but somehow they made it taste Thai. The spice mixture blended well with the meat, which is so tender that it melts in your mouth. The Portobello mushrooms also give a meaty texture and complements the beef well. If there’s a must-try in this restaurant, this is it.

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