The Skinny on Beauty (Spark Magazine)

Celebrities have it done and so do ordinary people.
But how many openly admit to doing so?

It’s simple. The beauty industry is one that racks in billions of dollars each year for the simple reason that as humans, we would like to think that we have some kind of access to the elixir of youth. We would like to believe that our bodies are still able to burn the same amount of fat it used to. Just the same, we would like to think that just as when we were in our younger years, we are free from having to worry about cellulite.

Weight gain has been a sign of ageing. As the years pass, we discover that our metabolism slows, causing us to wake up one morning to the horrific sight of cellulite and fat deposits. And once we experience this rude awakening, we often find ourselves resorting to an array of treatments–creams, oral tablets, simple procedures an even complex surgeries–to keep time from ticking. Truth is, as humans who easily succumb to vanity, we would do just about anything to look or even remotely resemble the models we see in magazines. And since Photoshop technology only serves you well on print, we often find that we need to actually break into a sweat to stay slim. Either that, or, you can also look into new innovative treatment options.

One such option is lipotomy. Not quite liposuction, as you had probably thought at first, but close. The etymology of lipotomy comes from the Greek word, “lipos,” which means fat; and the suffix “tomy,” which refers to rupture. This procedure involves the exertion of pressure to the tissue that causes the cellular membrane to sever. The major difference from liposuction is that is is non-invasive and it does not require any surgery.

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