Vegging Out (Smile Magazine)

Nikka Sarthou scours the city for the best vegetarian restaurants.


WHAT IT IS A casual eatery that mainly serves 100% raw food and other meat-free gastronomic delights. It also offers organic and all-natural food and non-food products.

CROWD PLEASERS Specialty appetizers include mock salmon pate and Asian sushi rolls. Familiar foods such as fettucini Alfredo and pad Thai are also raw.

TRIED AND TASTED “Colorful and light, the Asian sushi rolls taste so refreshing, healthy and delicious.” – Rosalie Suarez


WHAT IT IS A hole-in-the-wall noodle house with vegetarian options.

CROWD PLEASERS Go for the viet pho, the shoyu ramen, or the filling Vietnamese bahn mi (Vietnamese baguette).

TRIED AND TASTED “Treat your taste buds to some Wabi-Sabi. The Vietnamese noodles are awesome.” – Joseph Bolintiam


WHAT IT IS One of the more established vegetarian restaurants. Greens has been serving lacto vegetarian cuisine since 2001.

CROWD PLEASERS Start with the Greens house salad, then choose from the bestselling dishes like the mushroom tofu burger. Carnivores will love the taste of the veggie sisig and grilled mushroom and tofu kebabs. Accompany your meal with some freshly squeezed dalandan juice.

TRIED AND TASTED “I have a hearty appetite and a liking for fatty, absolutely bad-for-the-heart food like pork sisig. I found a healthy substitute for my sisig craving in Greens. I like the texture and I love the taste.” – Suby Cayabyab

(This was published in Smile Magazine, December 2010)