Go Healthy with Wabi-Sabi (WMN.ph)

(This article was published in WMN.ph last December 28, 2010)

You don’t necessarily have to be a vegetarian to enjoy vegetarian food. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from eating all the heavy stuff and go for light food fare instead. During your occasional healthy cravings, you might want to check out a hole-in-the-wall vegetarian noodle house called Wabi Sabi.

Food: Wabi-Sabi’s menu is very simple, much like the actual restaurant. To warm up your stomach, you should order a bowl of either the shoyu ramen (P95) or the viet pho (P95), which are the specialties in this place. The restaurant even has a tribute to these two bestsellers that are pitted against each other. The pho lovers have pictures in the “Fernando Pho Jr.” wall, while those who rave about the ramen are featured in the “Ramen Padilla” wall. You can pass the time identifying each person in the photo while waiting for your order to arrive.

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