Skitzo: A Place to Play Dress Up (

(Here’s an excerpt of my article that was published in last October 19, 2010)

Gone are the days when witches and devils with pitchforks were a dime a dozen during the 31st of October. Now it is more common to see celebrity look-alikes and other recognizable icons during Halloween. Ever dream of becoming a Disney princess for a day? How about putting on an outfit like that of a pirate from the Caribbean? Wish to become Harry Potter or dare to wear a Darth Vader disguise? If you want to turn into a celebrity for a day, or simply play dress up, then head on to Skitzo.

Located at the heart of The Collective in Malugay, Skitzo offers a lot of options for people to decide whoever they want to be. Even before I entered the retail shop, I saw a couple of interesting costumes in the display window that piqued my curiosity. It definitely made me want to go inside and check out their merchandise some more, as Halloween is just around the corner after all.

Surprisingly, the small space is filled with knick-knacks that you could never have imagined existed. I first headed to the counter where I spied some funky shades, masks, wigs, and feather boas of all shapes and sizes. I picked up a pair of pink shades and try it on for size. The person behind the cash register tells me that their sunglasses are one of their bestsellers. At only P245 a pair, I would expect so since it’s an affordable way to spice up any outfit or add more color to a plain costume.