Taste: raw food (Business World’s Highlife Magazine)

(This is an excerpt from my article “Taste: raw food,” which was published in BusinessWorld’s Highlife Magazine October-November 2010 issue; page 12)

Health is almost always the major reason most people decide to shun meat and become vegetarians. Some, like Cheloy Ignacio, even take it further and advocate something closer to nature: raw food.

In her quest for good health, Cheloy Ignacio gave up her successful pasty business and built another food business with raw food on the center stage. Thus the birth of Rawvolution, a raw food and vegetarian restaurant.

Rawvolution redefines the way one looks at raw food. This restaurant serves a wide variety of raw food and vegetarian cuisine. Being a certified vegan chef, health coach, and a raw food enthusiast herself, Cheloy Ignacio ia very passionate about promoting raw food lifestyle. The restaurant very much reflects her way of life: clean, simple and no frills.

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